Lancaster Elementary PTA


One of the most important functions of the Lancaster PTA is fundraising. Without the money earned by our fundraising efforts, the Lancaster PTA would not be able to help support the many financial needs of the school community, such as field trip transportation, teacher supplies, playground improvements, cultural and school events, dental kits for second graders, Reading Incentive Program, Student of the Month awards, Parent Resource Library, Field Day, Holiday Parade float, and Staff Appreciation Week. 

Our major fundraisers are:

Cherrydale Farms

Power of the Penny

Spring Fitness Fundraiser

Bake Sales

Labels for Education 

(BoxTops, Tyson Project A+, Campbell Soup Labels)

Our Friends & Donors

We are extremely grateful to several local businesses that donate time, money, products and services to Lancaster Elementary School. Without their support, we would not be able to do all that we do for the Lancaster community. Please show your gratitude by supporting these great local businesses:

Travis Terry, CPA

Merrill Excavating

Lake Street Garden Center

Salem House of Pizza

Jim's Ice Cream Barn 

Park Place Lanes


Chunky's Cinema

Circus Man Ice Cream


Moe's Italian Sandwiches

BoxTops & Labels for Education

Clipping labels from everyday products in your pantry is an easy to way earn money for Lancaster Elementary School. Each classroom has a box for labels, and each month, the classroom that collects the most labels wins a prize. Lancaster families brought in  $1,900 worth of Box Tops for 2010-11 school year! Way to go, Lancaster parents and students! Keep clipping! Also, be sure to visit the Box Tops website for a chance to win 1,000 Box Tops for Lancaster!

 William E. Lancaster Elementary School             54 Millville St.              Salem, NH 03079            (603) 893-7059 

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