Lancaster Elementary PTA

Next PTA Meeting:

Monday, Oct. 20 @ 5:30 p.m.

Our first PTA meeting of the year will be held the Monday, 10/20, at 5:30 p.m. in the school library. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings last for about an hour. 

Are You Connected?

Twitter: @Lancasterschool

Facebook: William E. Lancaster Elementary PTA 

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 Fall BoxTop Contest Announced

BoxTops Really Count!

Don't forget to keep on clipping BoxTops and Labels for Education. Print your BoxTops contest sheet and get clipping! Tape or glue your BoxTops (please cut BoxTops and labels on the lines as it will save our volunteers a lot of work and time) on the collection sheets and submit them to your student's teacher. The classroom that brings in the most BoxTops per student will get a choice of books or a game for the classroom.

Also, we are in desperate need of Labels for Eduction (specifically Pepperidge Farm labels-UPCs, which start with 14100). The classroom that brings in the most Labels for Education points will get to spend the allocated amount (choosen by the teacher from the Labels catalog).  can also be sent in with the BoxTops. We also collect Tyson A++ labels and parents can donate their MyCokeRewards to Lancaster!

The more we get, the more our school and students benefit!
Also, did you know you can go to to learn about many other ways to earn BoxTops for Lancaster? Check it out!

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